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Wolfe Races to Final Round Appearance in Pro Mod Class at Shakedown Nationals
Reaches Final Round at Legendary Event for Second Time Since 2009
Date: 10/14/2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... all in one weekend, but not in that order.

The Wolfe Racing team headed north for the final race of the season on October 12th, this time destined for the famed 1/4-mile at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. The team headed up on Friday to have plenty of time for final preparations for qualifying on Saturday. Early Saturday morning, we welcomed a special guest to the pit to help us out for the day: Mr. Mike Janis made the trip to Englishtown to lend a hand at getting the Wolfe Racing 2002 Firebird tuned in for the 32-car battle that would take place on Sunday. In making final preparations for the first qualifing session, the laptop used to tune our Pro Mod decided it would throw a temper tantrum, completely crash, corrupt the hard drive and refuse to boot for the remainder of the weekend. Needless to say, this was not good. With less than an hour until the first qualifying session was SUPPOSED to begin, we had no way of tuning the car. With a quick sprint over to the hauler of fellow competitor and friend, Jim Bersani, the first step to recovery was completed. "Uncle" Paul (Jim's tuner) took care of us and lended us a spare laptop that had 2 of the 4 software applications needed already installed on it. The third piece of the puzzle would be handled remotely by Mike Janis, Jr of Jan-Cen Racing Engines.

There were significant issues with the timing system at Raceway Park on Saturday. With Pro Mod in the lanes and the Wolfe Racing team third in line to hit the track, the timing system completely crapped out, much like our laptop did earlier in the day. After 4 hours in the staging lanes, the track officials finally sent us back to our pit. Eventually, we would get to make a pass at 6:05pm, about 5 hours later than expected. The car would shake the tires on the first qualifier about 60 feet out. Dwayne would pedal and go on through the 1/4-mile with a 6.29 second elapsed time at 207 mph. The second qualifier would not have any better result. At the end of the night, Dwayne would sit 16th on the ladder for the 32-car field.

As Sunday began, the team could not look at the data from the day before. With a bit of a revelation, we overcame this last hurdle with the help of Logan Wolfe, Dwayne's 12-year old son. With a little guidance, Logan would find and email us the information that we needed. FINALLY, we were back up and running and could fully diagnose the problems of the day before.

The 32-car field would mean that the winner of the event would need to win 5 rounds instead of just the normal 3 or 4. With the loaded field of Pro Modified racers, there would also be no easy rounds. That was evident when Dwayne would come to the line facing 2012 NEOPMA Champion Steve Drummond in the first round. In this match-up, Dwayne would leave the line first and not look back, running a 6.17 at 228 mph to take the win. That would setup a rematch from the 2nd round of the 2011 Shakedown with the eventual winner of that event, Jose "El General" Gonzales. Gonzales, the #1 qualifier in this year's event at a 5.78, came to the line and likely wasn't ready for what was about to happen. Dwayne would again leave the line first and would say "No way" to Jose, as he would punch out the #1 qualifier with a 6.07@230.4 mph to a losing 6.09 for Gonzales. And what do we get for that? A third round match-up against perennial powerhouse, Tim O'Hare. O'Hare would shake the tires in Round 2 and Dwayne would have lane choice. This time, Dwayne would encounter tire shake about 80 feet out, but he would drive through it and stop the clocks with a 6.14@231. O'Hare would run a 6.13, but he would throw it away by red lighting, handing Dwayne the win and a pass into the semi-finals.

Dwayne would take on Gary Courtier in the semi-finals in a nitrous versus blower matchup of NEOPMA members. Dwayne would make another strong pass and take the win with a 6.12@230 mph to Courtier's shutoff 6.96@146. With 4 rounds down, we were now headed into the final. Joining Dwayne would be Eric Latino in his Team Green 1969 Camaro. Latino made the trip down from Whitby, Ontario Canada to race at the Shakedown. Eric and Dwayne would also face off in the first round at the 2011 Shakedown. Dwayne would take the win in that encounter when Latino encountered an engine problem. This year, though, the outome would be different. Dwayne would again run a strong 6.12@232, but Latino would take the win with a 6.01@243.

What a weekend. It was definitely a roller coaster ride, but it just goes to show that you cannot give up until you are eliminated from the race. We fought through some significant adversity and ended up making it to the finals at one of the biggest races in the country. We certainly couldn't have done it without the help of a lot of people, all of which were mentioned in this article. We mentioned the individuals, but we need to give strong credit to the organizations as well. Special thanks goes to Jan-Cen Racing Engines and Mike Janis Superchargers for all of the help and support...not only at this race, but over the last couple of years. We also need to say thanks to Jerry Riggleman at South Fork Auto & Body. He put in countless hours this year getting the car patched up after the crash. This race was the first one that the car was completely back to normal with the color scheme being re-painted onto the nose.


Wolfe Back In Action At Superchargers Showdown
Qualifies in Top Half of 16-car Field
Date: 09/23/2012

After a rainout at Motor Mile Dragway earlier in September, the Wolfe Racing team was back in action on the quarter-mile at Maryland International Raceway for the Superchargers Showdown. The team headed out a little early to make a few test passes on Friday to make sure everything was ready for qualifying on Friday night. After a successful first pass netted a 4.01 eighth-mile pass on a completely green race track, the team made a few other attempts and then set the car up for the first round of qualifying.

The track would come around in a big way for the first qualifying pass at 7pm. Dwayne would cruise down the quarter mile with a 6.12 @ 228 mph. After reviewing the data, it was clear that we left a little power on the table, so we tuned it up and headed out for the second qualifier. Unfortunately, the track conditions would degrade from the first round and Dwayne would use up pretty much the entire lane. He would stay in it for the full run, but the extra distance covered would not allow our performance to improve and the car would again run 6.12 @ 229 mph.

Saturday began with two additional qualifying rounds before the start of eliminations. Both qualifying runs would yield 6.16-second elapsed times @ 228 mph during the heat of the day. During the third session, Dwayne would top the charts for the quickest pass of all competitors as the other teams had issues getting down the race track under power. When qualifying ended, Dwayne would set at #7 on the qualifying sheet for the 16-car field. This would setup a first round pairing with Jim Bersani in his turbocharged '57 Chevy. Dwayne would take the preferred right lane, and at the flash of the green, Dwayne and Bersani would leave the line with identical 0.046 reaction times. Bersani would have traction issues before the 60 ft. mark and the race was over at that point. Dwayne would pilot the Wolfe Racing Firebird straight down the groove to run his best time and speed for the event, a 6.113 @ 230.33 mph.

The second round would see Dwayne matchup against the #1 qualifier, Steve Drummond, in his turbocharged 2008 Mustang. Drummond has been dominant all year in NEOPMA competition, not losing a single round all season. Dwayne would get us a 0.040-second advantage on the tree, but the undesirable left lane would not hold the tuneup. Drummond would take the round with a 5.99 to Dwayne's early shutoff 6.26. Drummond would go on to win the event.

Throughout the weekend, we felt that the performance on the track didn't match the tuneup. On post-race inspection, the team found a few things that were significantly impacting our performance. Those issues will be resolved before our last event of the 2012 season: the Shakedown Nationals at Englishtown, NJ in mid-October. The team is pulling out all of the stops and going through all of the major systems in the car prior to this event. It is also possible that there will be a few other changes made that will help us get a head start on 2013. More info on that to come later.


Wolfe Racing Returns to EOPM After Crash
Date: 09/3/2012

Our previous race with the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod series didn't end so well. A crash in the second round of qualifying made for a really bad day at the races. Regardless, the staff at Dunn-Benson Dragway and the staff of the EOPM series were tremendous to us. As a result of the support, we were committed to return to compete in the series again in 2012. On August 11, we were planning to race at Virginia Motorsports Park with the series, but the race was cancelled due to weather. Instead, the race was re-scheduled to occur on Sept 1st.

The team headed out to VMP to compete with some of the biggest names in Pro Modified racing in the south. We always look forward to a challenge and this race was certainly going to provide that. When we pulled to the staging lanes, there were 23 Pro Mods on the grounds. We needed to outlast a few track cleanups and a weather delay, but we finally headed out for our first qualifying attempt. The track wasn't quite ready for the power produced by the Jan-Cen prepared hemi on this pass, so Dwayne aborted the run. On the second qualifier, the right adjustments were made and the car went straight down the groove with a 4.06 @ 182 mph. The race officials worked hard and were able to get us a third qualifier as was originally planned. The pass would again yield a 4.06 @ 183 mph, although the team struggled again with excess tire spin. When it was all settled, Dwayne would be #11 on the qualifying sheet in the 16-car Pro Mod field.

We headed into eliminations against Steve Vick's nitrous-assisted 68 Camaro. At the end of the burnout, Vick would encounter problems and would not be able to back up under power. Once his car was pushed back, Dwayne would get a solo pass to move into the second round. The car would once again lose traction and Dwayne would need to pedal it. After the pedal, he motored on down the track to stop the clocks with a 4.12 @ 180 mph. That would setup a second round matchup against Dewayne Silance, the #3 qualifier. Silance would leave just a little early and throw away a 3.94 with a red light foul. Dwayne would go down the 1/8-mile with a clean pass and a 4.02 @ 184 mph.

Down to the round of 4, Dwayne would carry the banner for the blower cars being the only one to get out of the first round. Awaiting us in the semi-finals would be Danny Perry in his 2011 Camaro. We have raced against Perry a few times this year, once in the final at the Custom T's race at MIR and once at Dunn-Benson...during the qualifying run in which we crashed. Neither were particularly good memories, but maybe the third time would be the charm? Well, that was a good thought, but it didn't materialize. Dwayne would leave the line first with a huge advantage in reaction time (0.008 to a 0.040) and would lead the race to the 330-ft mark. However, Perry would pull away on the back half of the track with his nitrous injected engine producing its own atmosphere to compensate for the nasty air conditions at VMP. Dwayne would stop the clocks with a 4.02 to Perry's winning 3.90.

The semi-final loss isn't what we were looking for, but it was a good showing after the season that we have endured. Now we will turn our attention back to the Big Chief class at Motor Mile Dragway on September 8th. After our last visit, we have a little unfinished business to tend to.


Wolfe Dominant at Motor Mile Dragway
Date: 08/12/2012

The Wolfe Racing team was originally headed to Petersburg, VA on 8/10 and 8/11 to once again race with the EOPM series. While the team was on route to the track, an email from the EOPM let us know that the race had been cancelled due to the impending weather in the Richmond area. So, the team quickly re-routed and charted a course for Motor Mile Dragway in Radford, VA. The team arrived early enough to make a few test passes on Friday night to ensure everything was in order for raceday.

On Saturday, the team took to the track in the 4000+ feet of corrected altitude that is typical at Motor Mile. During qualifying, Dwayne would blast down the 1/8-mile to take the #1 spot with a 4.10 @ 180 mph, nearly 0.1 seconds quicker than any other competitor. After the second round of qualifying, the order remained the same and we headed into eliminations. Due to breakage, Dwayne would get a bye in the first round of eliminations. With the free pass, a few changes in the tuneup yielded a better 330-ft time from before, but the car would get loose on the top end of the track and Dwayne would pull the parachutes a little early. The pass still yielded another 4.10 @ 180 mph, but a little performance was left on the track.

In the second round, Dwayne would face off against the nitrous-assisted Camaro of Tim Lawrence. At the flash of the green, Dwayne would launch with a 0.003-second reaction time and would have a huge lead on Lawrence. Unfortunately, at 2.1 seconds into the run, a flash out of the motor signified the end of our day. A connecting rod cap broke, causing unrepairable damage to the engine. The car would drift through the traps at a 4.37 @ 134.

Considering the dominant nature of the day, the team was not in a pleasant mood. Unsure of the level of damage, the remainder of the season was in jeopardy considering the amount of trouble that we had incurred throughout the year. After getting the car home and the engine disassembled, we found that the damage was not significant, but some work was required. So off we went to Jan-Cen in Elma, NY to get the repairs completed in less than a week. The repairs were all completed in plenty of time to allow the team to make it to the next race on our season schedule.


Mishap Caught on Video
Date: 07/01/2012

Gary Rowe from RaceWorks.com was at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on June 16th and captured some video of our crash. In case you haven't visited our site for a few weeks, the story below provides a little more detail, but basically, after a 4.00 second pass at around 186 mph, the parachutes tangled and failed to blossom. This sent Dwayne for a wild ride that ended in the sand pit. With Rowe's camera work, you will be able to see that ride, from a view similar to what the crew saw from the starting line. If you look closely, you will be able to see that the chutes were pulled at the appropriate time, but they did not deploy. Instead they fell towards the ground and went underneath the wheelie bars. As the air started to catch the chutes, they lifted the rear of the car and eventually shot it across the track where it contacted the guardrail. Below is a link to the YouTube preview video that Gary Rowe posted as a promotion for the DVD that he creates for each Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod event at Dunn-Benson. The incident starts at the 33 second mark in the 1 minute video.

We will be providing an update soon on the status of the car. All we can say right now is that it is on its way to recovery and will soon be back on the track. It will take a little more than this to keep us down. With a few things learned before the crash, we are very much looking forward to the rest of the season.


Wolfe Qualifies 4th at Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Event
Misses Eliminations After Crash Caused by Parachute Malfunction
Date: 06/16/2012

With a gap in our racing schedule on the 1/4-mile circuit, we decided to head south into the hotbed of the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod series, Dunn-Benson Dragstrip in Benson, NC. Having not been to the track before we headed down a day early to make a few test passes on Friday June 15. The first two passes would yield decent results with a 4.04 followed by a 3.99 with a mild tuneup. We would try a few things on the last pass and attain the teams' best career 60-foot time. The track, however, would not hold the tuneup about 90 feet out and Dwayne had to abort the run.

So, we were ready for raceday on Saturday, or so we thought. After the warm-up, we checked the valve train closely and found a problem with some valvetrain components. Without the proper tools, we were in a bind and couldn't fix it in time for the first qualifier. Thanks to the Andy Beal team, we were able to make the tool that we needed and the team repaired the valvetrain in time for the second round of qualifying.

We headed to the track for our first pass down the left lane at Dunn-Benson. With the car detuned to get down the hot track, Dwayne would leave the starting line straight down the groove. A wisp of smoke would come from the tires at that same 80-90 foot mark as the car lost traction briefly, but Dwayne would drive through it and power on through the traps with a 4.00 @ 186 mph. Unfortunately, that is where the problems started. Dwayne would pull the parachutes as always, but the chutes became entangled and never blossomed. A track official stated that they went underneath the wheelie bars and pulled the car around. Dwayne would fight the wheel, nearly save the car on 2-3 occasions, but then, it crossed the track and made contact with the guardrail on the right side of the track. That contact did little to slow the car and it entered the sand trap sideways at a high rate of speed. It finally came to a rest about 200 feet into the sand. Dwayne would keep the car on 4 wheels throughout the entire ordeal and would exit the car immediately, uninjured.

The Wolfe Racing Firebird has quite a bit of damage to the right rear and the right front. Much of the damage is cosmetic, but the team is still evaluating how much chassis damage there may be. We will be out of action for a bit, but we will be determining where we are going from here in the next few weeks. Check back frequently to see our progress on the repairs. We may be down now, but we will be back in 2012.

We would like to thank all of the track officials at Dunn-Benson, the EOPM and everyone that helped out at the end of the track. There is a great group of people and racers involved with the EOPM and Dunn-Benson and it was a privlege to race there.


Wolfe Advances to Finals at Custom T's Doorslammer Nationals
Qualifies #2, Achieves Top Speed of Qualifying
Date: 05/28/2012

Our last outing at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) ended a little early when the engine pushed out a head gasket in the final qualifier at the Mountain Motor Nationals. The repair was too extensive to allow us to make it to the race the following week with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) at Virginia Motorsports Park, so the team made a slight change to the schedule. We decided to get everything back together on Friday and head to MIR (yes, again) for some testing on Saturday and run the 1/8-mile Pro Mod race at the Custom T's Doorslammer Nationals.

We were down to the last day receiving parts and assembling the engine to get ready for the race, but the guys at Jan-Cen Racing Engines took care of us and worked it so we had everything we needed to get back on track. We arrived at the track on Saturday, made a few test passes and all was well. We were ready for raceday.

Photo by Todd Krzysiak Sunday began hot and stayed hot. The track suffered the consequences and was very slick in the center. Dwayne took to the track at Noon for the first qualifying session that would include a group of 14 Pro Mods vying for a spot in the 8-car field. At the release of the transbrake button, the run would be straight with a small amount of spin in the center of the track. Dwayne would power through it and take the Wolfe Racing Firebird through the 1/8-mile with a 3.979 @ 185.87 mph. At the end of the round, Dwayne would sit in the #2 position, a mere 0.007 behind Danny Perry's 3.972.

When the second qualifier came calling, the track was hot and greasy and would not hold the tuneup. Dwayne would shut it off and save it for eliminations. After the second round of qualifying, there were no changes in the order at the top of the field, so Dwayne would remain in the #2 position and would lock up the top speed of qualifying for the event.

Photo by Todd Krzysiak After backing down the tuneup a bit, we headed into eliminations to face Donny Thompson in his nitrous-assisted 63 Corvette in the first round. Both cars would leave the line together, but by 60 ft., the race was over. Dwayne would quickly pull away and run a 4.014 @ 185.21 mph to take the win. This would setup a semi-final matchup with Matt Suite in his.... nitrous-assisted 63 Corvette. This time Dwayne would leave 0.123 seconds ahead of Suite and use up the entire lane, but get down the track with a 3.997 @ 185 mph. That would setup a final round, blower vs. nitrous showdown between the #1 and #2 qualifiers for the event. Perry would run a 3.97 in the semis and therefore would have lane choice.

In the final, Dwayne would leave on Perry by 0.012, but the car drifted toward the center line at the 200 ft mark and Dwayne would have to pedal. Perry would have a clean pass in the preferred lane and run a 3.93 to our losing 4.08.

With the car in one piece, we are ready to tackle the next challenge of our season and return to quarter-mile racing at VMP in Dinwiddie, VA on June 1-2. We have a few changes to the car in store for this race and we are hoping to again increase our performance in hopes of breaking the 6.00-second quarter-mile barrier.


Trying Time Awaits Wolfe Racing Team at MIR
Dwayne Wolfe Qualifies 6th for NEOPMA Event, but Misses Eliminations
Date: 05/18/2012

It has been said that a bad day at the races is better than a good day at work. Well...we tested that theory pretty well at the team's second outing of 2012. After some hurdles in our first outing, everything went smoothly until a failure in the transbrake button ended our quest for our first Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association win. We set career bests on 4 successive passes in route to a 6.05 @ 232+ mph. So, one could say that we had it coming.

Photo by Todd Krzysiak We made the trip to Maryland International Raceway (MIR) once again for the second NEOPMA race of the year on 5/11-5/12, which was held in conjunction with the Mountain Motor Nationals. Early on Friday, we warmed the car up to prepare to make a few test passes before our first round of qualifying. As we did, we noticed a little problem with our newly adjusted injector hat. It was a fairly significant problem and one that we had to fix prior to even starting the engine a second time. The repair took a few hours and unfortunately costed us an opportunity to make the test passes. So, we waited for our first shot at qualifying on Friday night.

Even though we have run well this year, we have fought a few chassis gremlins. Those gremlins re-appeared on our first qualifying pass and the car headed for the centerline. The tire shake that ensued was pretty severe and caused some damage to the car that required a little welding between rounds. After the repairs were complete, we headed to our second qualifier, which provided the best atmospheric and track conditions that we would see for the weekend. However, it was not meant to be. Upon the release of the transbrake button, the engine revved up and the car moved about a foot. We pushed back and found that the Lenco reverser had failed and we weren't going anywhere for the second qualifier.

Photo by Todd Krzysiak We headed back to the pits and spent the remainder of the evening diagnosing the problem. With the repairs made and the car re-assembled, we headed out on Saturday for the third qualifying session. This time, the car would launch, but it would again head for the centerline and shake the tires. This time, Dwayne would pedal the car and take it through to the other end with a 6.58 @ 224 mph. The shake again did a little damage, but nothing that we couldn't handle.

With some advice from Mike Janis, we did a little tweaking on the chassis and headed out for our 4th and final qualifying session. At the launch, the car would stay straight and was screaming down the track. Unfortunately, just before the 1/8-mile mark, we encountered our last problem for this race weekend. At 3.80 seconds into the run, the engine would push out a head gasket and lay over. Dwayne would shut it down and drift on through the 1/4-mile. Despite the issues that occurred before the 1/8-mile mark, the car would cross the 660-ft barrier with a personal best 3.954 ET @ 188.60 mph. As it drifted on through to the end of the track, the 6.40-second, 171 mph performance was enough to qualify Dwayne in the #5 position for the race. Unfortunately, we would not be making it to the line for our first round matchup with Gerry Capano.

The original plan was to be in Dinwiddie, VA on 5/18 for the third NEOPMA race of the year, but the damage incurred at MIR was too significant to fix in time. Never fear, however, as the parts in need of repair were at Jan-Cen first thing Monday morning and should be ready in time for the Memorial Day weekend race at MIR.


Wolfe Blasts to Personal Bests with New Jan-Cen Horsepower
Qualifies 5th in 16-car NEOPMA Pro Mod Field
Date: 04/22/2012

There is something a little different about the power plant under the hood of the Wolfe Racing Pro Mod Firebird for the 2012 season. Gone is the AJ481X wedge and replacing it is a Mike Janis Hemi from Jan-Cen Racing Engines. Several other changes have been made, and with the changes made during the season last year, there is a completely different drivetrain configuration in the car from just 12 months ago.

The team worked extremely hard through the winter to prepare the car for the new engine and April 20 couldn't come soon enough. This date served as the opening race for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) series in 2012. Friday, April 20th was a test day for everyone to work out the bugs. We made a few 1/8-mile hits and after working out a few chassis bugs with the help of Mike Janis, Dwayne made a full pull to a 6.13@228 mph, a new personal best. After the run, the crew realized that there was a problem with a rocker arm that we were unable to fix, ending our day. However, with the awesome support from Jan-Cen and Mike Jr., we were back in business on Saturday morning once the FedEx truck arrived.

We were to get 2 qualifying passes on Saturday. With the issues from Friday behind us, a baseline setup and a few more tweaks to the chassis, we headed to the track for the first qualifier. Dwayne would blast down the quarter-mile with a 6.10 @ 228 mph and would represent our first 3-second pass in the 1/8-mile - once again setting a personal best ET and MPH. The crew turned the wrenches a little more and stepped up to a 6.07 @ 231 mph in the second qualifier, again setting a personal best (see a theme here?) and good enough for 5th on the qualifying sheet in the 16-car field.

Due to impending weather, the schedule was changed and we headed right into eliminations instead of getting our third session of qualifying. In the first round, Dwayne would face off against Andrew Handras in his nitrous-powered Cavalier. Handras would have a slight advantage on the starting line, but there would be too much Jan-Cen horsepower for him to overcome. Dwayne powered through the traps with a 6.05 @ 232 mph, resetting the teams personal best once again. In the second round, Dwayne would be paired up with Matt Deitsch, the 2011 NEOPMA Nitrous Champion. Dwayne would have the lane choice based on the previous round performance, but the results would not be what the team was looking for. Upon staging, a transbrake button failure allowed the car to launch unexpectedly and before Deitsch had staged. This resulted in a foul and ended our day. Immediately after the 2nd round, the skys opened and the event was washed out.

We want to send out special thanks to Mike Janis and Mike Janis, Jr. for all the help in getting the setup right the first time out and for helping us make so much progress so quickly. Given the data that we collected this weekend, it is clear that there is a significant amount of performance yet to be gained in our new combination and we are extremely excited about the 2012 season.


New Wolfe Racing T-Shirt Design Completed

Date: 04/04/2012

It finally came time for the Wolfe Racing team to get some professionally designed T-shirts for our team and fans. We turned to Tyler Clark at Wicked Grafixx for this new design and he definitely delivered for us. Below is a sneak peek at the new shirt design. The shirts can be purchased at the team transporter at all of our 2012 events, at Wolfes Garage in Moorefield, WV or can be purchased via the internet using PayPal. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a shirt and we will be happy to help. In the coming months, we will be adding a web store to this website to allow online purchases. Until then, feel free to send us an email and we'll take care of you.

Design by Tyler Clark, Wicked Grafixx

Feel free to contact us with any feedback that you have on the new shirt design. We would love to hear what you think.


2012 Season Kickoff
Wolfe Racing Team Releases Tentative 2012 Schedule
Date: 03/18/2012

Our race team has been working extremely hard over the winter to prepare for the 2012 season. There are some significant changes to our Pro Mod Firebird for the new year, but we're not quite ready to release those changes to the general public (just yet). The best way to find out would be to come out to Maryland International Raceway (MIR) on April 20 to see for yourselves. This will mark the beginning of our 2012 season and is also the season opening race for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA).

Dwayne Wolfe will again be mixing it up with the likes of Tim O'Hare, Steve King and a growing contingent of turbocharged entries in the NEOPMA Blown-Turbo class in 2012. This time, things may be a bit different, as the team worked out some of the bugs last season and found and corrected a few problems over the winter that will make the team quite a bit more competitive. In his first season with the series, Dwayne was able to finish 6th in the points standings out of the 26 competitors. Not bad for a "rookie" season, but the team is looking for a little more in 2012.

Check out our schedule page for the full schedule for the 2012 season. Please keep in mind that this is still tentative and we may be making some changes in the coming weeks.


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